Four For Jericho recieves another glowing review

August 25th, 2011

With much swapping of roles, Menagerie theatre company conjures up a whirl of dust, check points and olive trees from almost nothing . With only breeze blocks for a set, this piece is inventive and clever, offering no easy answers to the ongoing struggles between Israel and Palestine.

A taxi heads for Jericho with a Jewish settler from New York, a Palestinian, an Englishman and an anthropologist all squashed together for the ride. In a funny and well choreographed farce, guns, babies and camera swap as the tension rises.

Characterisation is witty and knowing and stereotypes are constantly shifting. Human rights activist Izzy throws herself in front of every bulldozer regardless of consequences and when the brilliantly rude Jewish woman is in danger it is left to her Arabic traveling companion to come to the rescue. Another level is provided by Dr Reem Quaddum who proposes ideas for her research projects as they hurtle towards disaster; her use of Hollywood films as reference points providing a hilarious and a well placed dig at detached academic commentary.

Told from the point of view of the hapless British tourist, carefully placed historical information ensures that audience can follow the arguments and the climax refuses to simplify its subject. This is a multi-layered and energetic approach to a complex issue and it strikes a balanced note between entertainment and serious discussion.

Runs until 29th August.



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