Associate Playwrights


The following writers are Menagerie Associate Playwrights who have been commissioned by us.  Some work with us on a regular basis, support other Menagerie writers in development and regularly workshop new ideas with us:


Craig Baxter: Hard Sell 2003, RE: Design USA 2008, BBC Radio 2010, Let Newton Be! USA 2011

Clare Bayley: At Sea, Hotbed 2009

Ranjit Bolt: Going Potty Hotbed 2008

Samantha Ellis; A Sudden Visitation of Calamity ; Hotbed 2008, BBC 2009

Kenny Emson: Invisible Mice, Hotbed 2008

Tim Etchells: MFI Hotbed 2002

Alison Falconer: Prosperity 3; Hotbed 2009

Jennifer Farmer: Stutter; Hotbed 2008

Richard Fredman: Four For Jerichco 2011, bloominauschwitz 2015 & 2018

Pam Gien: Syringa Tree; Edinburgh 2006

Fraser Grace: Gifts of War National Tour 2005, Frobisher’s Gold London 2006, Events Hotbed 2009, Tongues Tour 2010, Bliss 2019

Danusia Iswasko: Oran’s Message; Hotbed 2008

Claire Macdonald : Correspondence; National Tour 2008

Hisham Matar: How To Begin, Hotbed 2013

Maria Montague & Bohdan Tokarsky: The Summer Before Everything, Hotbed 2016

Andrew Muir: Gaugleprixtown; Hotbed, Edinburgh 2006

Chris O’Connell: Forgive our Paranoia, 2012

Janice Okoh : Egusi Soup 2014,  Sleeper 2018

Anna Reynolds : Stand By Your Van, Edinburgh 2010

Diane Samuels : Seeds, Hotbed 2004

Judy Upton : Push the Button Hotbed 2008, Flick to Kick Hotbed 2009, BBC Radio 2010

Naomi Wallace; The Retreating World, National Tour 2005, Between this Breath and You Hotbed 2006

Steve Waters: The Cull, Regional tour 2002, Out Of Your Knowledge national Tour 2008, What Country, Friends, Is This? Hotbed 2017

Polly Wiseman: Stormin’ Jack Norman, Hotbed 2004, The Latchmere 2004

Supported/Produced Playwrights:
The following writers have all been produced by Menagerie. Most have been through one of our writer development schemes such as The Pipeline, Escalator and Sparks. They  have all gone onto be produced at Hotbed and beyond;

Dan Allum (Escalator 2007)
Andrew Burton (Waterlog: Pulse 2010)
Michael Dennis (Hotbed 2004)
Tom Marty (Hotbed 2004)
Phillip Meeks (Hotbed 2004)
Neil Monagahan (Hotbed 2004. The Latchmere 2009)
Anna Rowntree (Hotbed 2008/2009)
Jennifer Tucket (Hotbed 2008/2009)
Helen Mort: (Escalator/ Hotbed 2009)