Writer Opportunities

We are committed to working with writers from the East & South East of England, and beyond.

Mentoring Young Writers June-July 2017

The second phase of our development work with the Young Writers will take place in June and July 2017.  This will involve mentoring, feedback and dramaturgical input, as we proceed towards producing two pieces for Hotbed on July 8th.  Each produced piece will receive two performances as part of an intensive day of new writing activity at Cambridge Junction.  More details to follow once the full programme is ready.

Young Writers’ Workshop 2017 – Conclusions

Photo 2 - web Photo 3 - webPhoto 4. - webWe’ve now completed the first phase of this year’s Young Writers’ Workshop, with a weekend intensive at Cambridge Junction.  Our writers were Rayna Haralambieva, Rachel Tookey, Tom Field, Philip Webb Gregg and Samantha Mann.  The guest writers inspired and challenged them in equal measures, starting off with Chris Thorpe leading a fantastic discussion on Tim Crouch’s The Author.   The following week, Fraser Grace brought in Zinnie Harris’ Further Than The Furthest Thing, followed by  Jane Upton looking at Al Smith’s Harrogate.  Our final guest was our good friend and colleague, Claire MacDonald, who brought along Kennedy’s Children by Robert Patrick.  Following the final weekend intensive on the 18th-19th March, the writers now have the opportunity to respond to our theme, ‘What country, friends, is this?‘   We have immersed them in other writers’ worlds; we have exposed them to critical evaluation of their work;  we have challenged them to dig deep into themselves to explore the theme.  Now, with all of this absorbed and distilled, we wait to see what they bring forth!   

Writer Development

Menagerie’s Writer Development work has intrinsically been linked to Hotbed and our production cycle.   More than anything, our chief aim has been about evolving relationships with writers and allowing new plays to emerge in the process.

We aim towards excellence and are proud to have worked with some of the best writers in the country – Steve Waters, Naomi Wallace, Janice Okoh, Fraser Grace, Jane Upton, Ranjit Bolt, Claire MacDonald, Craig Baxter, Tim Etchells, to name but a few.

Menagerie is currently reviewing its Writer Development process and, following the conclusion of the 2017 Young Writers’ Workshop, we not planning any future programmes until this review is complete.  However, if you have a general enquiry about Menagerie’s work with writers, please contact Patrick Morris, on patrick@menagerie.uk.com