Hotbed 2014: Testing! Testing!


Thank you to all  the artists, creatives, audiences and Cambridge Junction for a fantastic Hotbed weekend! We’re really excited about all the work that has emerged from it and hope you are too.

Watch this space for photos and, of course, how to get involved next year!

Hotbed-2014_Testing Cover

One Page Play Competition

Congratulations to all our One Page Play Competition finalists and winners! The finalists had their plays performed on the final day of Hotbed.

One Page Play Finalists:

Anyway by Mel Taylor

All Men are… by Lester Lloyd-Reason

Alternative Therapy by John Hill

America by Peter Rose

Digging Myself Deeper In by Judy Klass

I’m Not Your Mate by Bunny Judges

It Was A Beautiful Day by William Patterson

Ikea Towels by Harriet Blake

Sky God by Martin Malcom

The Psychlopath by Helena Bacon

Toenails by Martyn Dempsey

Unspoken by David Muncaster

One Page Play Competition Winner:

IKEA towels by Harriet Blake


Young Person’s One Page Play Finalists:

One Stop Bus by Leonie Barnes-Wake

Words of Hope by Aodhan Gallagher

Late Night Confessions by Abbey Harnwell

How’s Mum? by John Chisham

The Betalpha by Eden Harbud

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Work by Katie Broadbent

The Unfolded Relationship by James Xu

Just To See You Swing by Hannah Cook

Red Snow 1 by Rosie Green

Red Snow 2 by Catriona Higgins

Young Person’s One Page Play Winners:

The Betalpha by Eden Harbud (16-18 category)

Red Snowby Rosie Green (15 and under category)