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Additional Options

In addition to Menagerie’s core training programme ‘Playing Your Part’, we offer 3 additional options that can be added to the training we deliver: Facilitator with Musician, Facilitator with Conceptual Artist and Facilitator with Performers.

Aditional Option One: Facilitator with Musician

This option consists of a two hour session learning samba drumming with musician Greame Surtees.


Why Samba?

We use samba drumming in our corporate training workshops because it works as a metaphor for management and training procedures, rehearsing many of the learning processes and behaviours that are desirable in management development.

What’s more it’s fun, energising and exciting. Samba draws on years of tradition where it has been used to help build community bonds yet it is also surprisingly adaptable to many modern day settings.

The beauty of the exercise is that all players contribute equally to the final sound – no one instrument or section is more important than the other; its non-hierarchical nature helps to break down barriers. As the group equally share the responsibility for the process, it creates a common experience encouraging individuals to work cooperatively rather than competitively towards the end goal. Samba is a great illustration of how the team as a whole is greater than the sum of the parts and provides a master class in nonverbal communication and active listening.

The best bit is anyone can do it! There is no prior skill or musical knowledge needed to play the instruments creating natural opportunities even for beginners to contribute creatively. Although many people claim to have no musical or rhythmic ability, there is no such thing as a person without rhythm! Yet, even though learning to samba is totally realistic in its goal and process, it still provides a challenging learning experience.

How can a samba workshop be used?

  • Team and individual development
  • Celebratory events
  • Social events
  • Launching or providing a dramatic finale to a conference, training event, reception etc
  • Community events


The optimum time for a samba workshop is two hours although it can be delivered in one hour as part of a larger workshop. Menagerie has catered for groups between 20-50 participants (optimum size is 25-30) although larger groups of up to 100 can be managed by special arrangement and bringing in other artists. The workshop will need to be held in a room where noise can be made without disturbing other guests or colleagues etc and the room needs to be large enough to put all participants in a circle with half a metre between each person.

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Additional Option Two: Facilitator with Performers

This option consistst of a two hour session on communication with actors performing a range of challenges associated with change and perspective.


The performance is devised to get under the skin of challenges associated with change in the workplace, how to overcome resistance and influence positive outcomes. It’s fun, interactive and the all too familiar scenarios make it also very relevant to any workplace!

Interactive bespoke performances are scripted and delivered to companies.