Hotbed 2014

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Work developed at Hotbed 2014 now on national tour includes: Richard Fredman’s bloominauschwitz, starring our very own Patrick Morris.  bloominauschwitz imagines Leopold Bloom breaking free of James Joyce’s great novel ‘Ulysses’ to re-discover his Jewish roots.  Bloom bounds back and forth through time and across Europe and bumbles into the dark heart of the 20th century – and that’s just the half of it.  Mixing clownish antics with high drama, rich text and powerful imagery, it reveals a powerhouse performance from Patrick Morris in the role of Bloom.  Click here for tour information.

Work developed at Hotbed 2014 now on tour in our region includes: Mental Play by Tamsin Flower and In a Vulnerable Place by Steve Waters.  Furthermore, Run by Lorna Gee Gayle, which was a work in progress at the Festival, is being developed further by Hackney Showrooms.

It was a privilege to have Lorna at the Festival as she was a pioneer of the Reggae scene in London in the 1980’s before becoming a prolific and well respected actress. Her autobiographical one woman show, Run, charts her journey onto the Reggae scene through childhood events, significant relationships, stints in prison, drug abuse and fame.  With an extremely well constructed, funny and poignant script, Gayle showcases her incredible ability as an actress as she brings to life a colourful array of larger than life characters. Her careful observations of people’s physicality, mannerisms and rhythms of speech and her skilful presentations of these people on stage is so absorbing, it is easy to forget there is only one performer.

Thank you to all the companies, writers and artists who made Hotbed 2014 such a success: Richard Fredman, Steve Waters, Lorna Gee Gayle, Kill the Beast, Sh!t Theatre, Lucy Sherman and Bettina Furnee, Nina Herbosch, Chris Dobrowolski, Craig Baxter, Caroline Rippen and Lucy Crowe, Mehrdad Seyf, Isobel Cohen, Beatrice Armstrong, Fraser Grace, Danielle Kolanis, Eli Keren, Tilly Lunken, Lilly Posnett, all those who acted in the staged readings, all those who contributed to the one page play competition and everyone else who worked behind the scenes.

Bloom with paper people