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Escapism 2020 – Plays to Perform at Home for All Ages

May 27th, 2020

Menagerie is publishing 4 new plays on the theme of ESCAPISM for you to perform and record at home.  Written in response to the coronavirus crisis and the ensuing shutdown, the plays offer you a chance to be creative at home.

The plays are written by Fraser Grace, Danusia Iwaszko, Craig Baxter and Vanessa Ackerman.  One play is for 1 performer, another for 2 performers, another for 3 performers, and a final one is for 4 performers.  Apart from the play for 1 person, all the plays can be performed by people of any age, from (about) 7 years and upwards.

We would like you to send us your recording of the play you perform.  As they’re written for audio/radio, there’s opportunities to have fun creating sound effects as well as performing the roles.  We aim to gather, and then release, dozens of versions of these plays from all over the region, the country and indeed the world!

HERE is the link for further information.


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Menagerie Gets Arts Council Emergency Funding

May 23rd, 2020

Menagerie applied for, and received, emergency funding from Arts Council England, to help us through this time.  It means that we can continue to be a magnet for new writing, developing work, mentoring writers and engaging audiences.

We’re getting straight to work with a participatory project – radio plays for people to perform at home.  Under the title ‘ESCAPISM’,  we commissioned 4 writers to come up with short plays for you to perform, either alone or with other members of your household.  The plays are written for audio only, so if you record them and send the performance to us, we will release the performances on a rolling basis via our website and social media channels.

Who can perform these plays?  Adults, children, teenagers….  We will publish them online and you will find a script for 1 performer, 2 performers, 3 performers or 4 performers.  We’re looking forward to hearing how many different ways people will create the sound of characters changing size, climbing inside the head of an unsuspecting bystander, and falling headlong into their memory bank….

Full details on how to participate will be on the homepage at the beginning of June.  Any questions, please contact


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