What’s Up Doc? (2013)


by Craig Baxter in collaboration with Professor Richard Horner (University of Toronto)

“Eerily beautiful and oddly poetic” Time Out

“A brilliantly twisty piece. It’s funny, it’s thought-provoking and it’s worth the price of admission alone.” What’s On Stage

How to Begin

by Hisham Matar in collaboration with Dr Devorah Baum (University of Southampton)

“a vulnerable, anxious monologue delivered beautifully by Oosterveen” Everything Theatre

“a joy and thrillingly refreshing” Reviews Gate



Let Newton Be! (2009-12)

“This is the theater of ideas at its very finest. It is mesmerizing, inventive, and provocative”

“From the ramblings, jottings, accounts, and notebooks-the spillings over of Newton’s strange inner world- Baxter creates a unified Newton who will move and awe modern audiences.”

“Can theater be a platform for science? In the hands of Baxter, Morris, and Menagerie Theatre-yes. Spectacularly yes.” SCIENCE Magazine

Read full review here. 

“The play is a fascinating medium for considering the overall coherence both of Newton’s self and of his intellectual projects.”

“With such rich historical sources, a complex subject and an entertaining script, the Menagerie Theatre Company’s slick and thought-provoking performance of Let Newton Be! fully deserves the extended run it has enjoyed in the UK and will enjoy in the US and Canada over the next few weeks.” Times Higher Education

Read full review here.

let newton be

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