Egusi Soup Reviews

Reviews for the 2014 tour of Egusi Soup (20 Feb- 5 April)

***** Everything Theatre

**** What’s On Stage

**** Afridiziak

4.5/5 The Public Reviews

“Lorna Gayle’s Mrs Anyia inhabits [the set] with just the right sort of authority; she may once have been just a girl from a village, but she was always just that bit sharper and cannier than the others.” What’s On Stage

“Onitiri is especially good as the American career débâcle comes to light, while Nabirye’s relationship with Seun Shote’s puppyish Dele rings true.” What’s On Stage

“very funny dialogue is cracked with pace and timing by a superb cast” InSuffolk

“an inclusive and genuinely funny piece of work with sharply observed dialogue and engaging characters which any audience will enjoy.” InSuffolk

“brilliant natural family dynamic” Afridiziak

“genius writing and comedic timing…guaranteed to have people from all walks laughing out loud up and down the country.” Afridiziak

“this piece confidently treads the line between almost farcical humour and depths of emotion leaving us more than satisfied with what we are served with”  The Public Reviews 

“Unmissable… this is one of the best plays I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this year” Everything Theatre

“This is charming, funny, and heart-warming theatre.” Everything Theatre

“If you ever wondered how to capture the African diasporic experience in one evening, ask play writer Janice Okoh. Her play “Egusi soup” is an emotionally charged, funny, and beautiful play that depicts the inner struggles of an African family as they are about to go back to Nigeria.” Gateway for Africa

“Janice Okoh has created a well-rounded and solidly structured piece that shines a light on lives that rarely make it to the British stage” Civilian Theatre