Out of Your Knowledge

By Steve Waters

A journey in search of the poet John Clare

Out of Your Knowledge - a Menagerie production

Performed by Patrick Morris
Directed by Paul Bourne
Live Music by Denise Neapolitan

Unbounded freedom ruled the wandering scene
Nor fence of ownership crept in between
To hide the prospect of the following eye
Its only bondage was the circling sky

Inspired by the feverish, homeward walk of the 19th century English poet John Clare from a lunatic asylum in Essex to his home village some 100 miles north, Out Of Your Knowledge is a topical and engrossing journey through our green and pleasant land!

Having re-traced John Clare’s journey himself, Waters has crafted a unique theatrical treat full of humour and passion. Illuminated by Clare’s own verse and prose, Out of Your Knowledge is a play that questions our changing attitude towards the landscape whilst revealing some surprising secrets that lie within the A1 Corridor!

Out of Your Knowledge - a Menagerie production

Waters’ absorbing and spellbinding play…
Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide