A Bee’s Interview by Shannon Li

A bee’s interview – By Shannon Li

[(A bee) Bert (male) is having an interview for his new job with (also a bee) the interviewer (female). Bert walks in from left stage]

Interviewer: Good morning, mister….


Bert: Bert, Barry B Bert.

[shakes hands and sits down]

Interviewer: Ok mister Bert, I see that you have applied for the professional swarm stationed in Britain, University of Cambridge Botanic gardens, CB2 1JE, that is quite a complicated job sir, may I see your resume to confirm your qualifications?


Bert: Yes you may.

[gives her his resume]

Interviewer: Thank you, rank?


Bert: Temporary leader.


Interviewer: Alright, it seems that you have been stationed in the total of four major capital cities, with twenty six parks, fields and gardens, including Kew Gardens in London, inhabited by the average of 4,745,000 of the human species in total per year for 3 years. That must mean you’re skilled in the subjects of human awareness and nectarimistry.


Bert: Yes, very.


Interviewer: Very good. [types into computer] Now I have to test your knowledge of plants and their nectar properties as well as your teamwork skills. Please answer these following questions accordingly;


Interviewer: What does HSAF stand for?


Bert: Homo Sapiens Alert Formation


Interviewer: State why leaving a swarm will result in heavy punishment.


Bert: According to the 1967 book of rules and regulations, leaving a swarm will put you endanger of exposure to humans which is a huge danger.


Interviewer: The botanical gardens contain these three flowers; Roses, daisies and buttercups. Which is the odd one out?


Bert: Buttercups.


Interviewer: Defend.


Bert: Fresh buttercups are heavily restricted flowers to bees because of their toxicity, however roses and daisies are non-toxic flowers therefore they are allowed for all bees to access.


Interviewer: [types into computer] Thank you Mr. Bert, I shall pass this information on and you should expect a call from us very soon.

[they shake hands and Bert walks out]